1. Our mission is to achieve quality access to international markets. So we keen to make attention to our farmers and suppliers in constant contact with them before and during the Agriculture especially in the seasons of harvest until it is arriving to the factory for avoiding a lot of problems.

Our company was chosen by Switzerland global enterprise "SIPPO" for training and qualifying wherever in our factory in Egypt or in Germany.  


  1. In our factory we have lab and experts in quality; they examine the products accurately before receiving it. To ascertain the extent of matching virtual product with specifications required, then send samples of these products to the central laboratories for analysis in the case of non-matching it is returned to suppliers.


  1. Due to the expansion of our company in the field of organic products we've created an integrated department in the factory specializes in organic products and factory map is describing the stages of the flow of organic products.


  1. The company makes analysis of pesticide residues, microbiological and heavy metals at the Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture.


  1. We are always keen to satisfy our customers' demands with regard to sterilization, whether gas or steam or nuclear radiation.


  1. We have filled traceability system, which allows to us to trace every shipment to its source.


  1. We're not the best, but we always strive for improvement and development in our performance and we will stay so.


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